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Chinese and Thai specialties

Enjoy authentic with care prepared meals, Chinese or Thai, in our trendy Restaurant with modern ambiance. Take a short trip to Asia, for example at lunch time, whilst waiting to travel or just to enjoy your evening after a stressful day with a drink. If you are a sports fan, you will be on top of things thanks to our flat screen tvs.The lunch menu selection of our Asian Take-Aways is being changed daily to ensure a wide range of meals for our guests. Our Take-Aways are giving you the opportunity to enjoy our low price dishes any time.


Care for a snack or a beer outside? Feel free to use our terrasse in Zürich-Altstetten on sunny days.


Scent of Bamboo HB Zürich

  Scent of Bamboo
Passage Löwenstrasse
8001 Zürich
Openinghours >

Scent of Bamboo Altstetten

  Scent of Bamboo

Altstetterplatz 12
8048 Zürich
043 817 09 50
Openinghours >

Scent of Bamboo Aarau

  Scent of Bamboo

Bahnhofplatz 3a
5000 Aarau
062 773 37 77
Openinghours >

Scent of Bamboo Rapperswil

  Scent of Bamboo

Bahnhofplatz 2
8640 Rapperswil
055 211 20 22
Openinghours >

Scent of Bamboo Luzern

  Scent of Bamboo

Bahnhof SBB
6000 Luzern
Openinghours >